Overview of the KORE OmniSIM Global Connectivity product

This documentation applies to the following products:

  • OmniSIM

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With global, future-proofed IoT connectivity that is technology agnostic and provides network access worldwide, the KORE OmniSIM meets the challenges of IoT connectivity. Key features of KORE OmniSIM include the following:

  • Embedded or removable eSIM that is IoT-grade, ruggedized, and remotely programmable based on GSMA SGP.02 eSIM specifications

  • Ability to connect to multiple carriers and multiple technologies

  • Hosted on the KORE independent network to enable greater control

  • Secure access via VPNs and private APNs, as well as single-data bundles via multi-IMSI capabilities

  • Zero-touch and over-the-air provisioning of profiles to provide local connectivity from KORE's profile portfolio

Service types

KORE OmniSIM includes several distinct options.

OmniSIM Reach

OmniSIM Reach provides global connectivity across 500 networks in 195 countries with resilient coverage through multiple available networks per country. Powered by centralized multi-IMSI technology, you can deploy a single SIM SKU globally that supports fail-over connectivity by switching to another network when one is unreachable.

OmniSIM Rush

OmniSIM Rush provides resilient connectivity across 61 networks in 34 countries in the U.S. and Europe. This is a cost-effective solution for IoT use cases that require higher data usage plans from 100MB a month and up, and there’s no permanent roaming restriction for IoT deploying using the 901 IMSI.


OmniSIM SAFE Reach provides the same extensive global connectivity as OmniSIM Reach, adding full Chip-to-Cloud security for Amazon Web Services (AWS). IoT SAFE delivers a common procedure to secure IoT data communications with a reliable SIM rather than using proprietary and possibly less secure hardware elements in the device. It is compatible with all SIM form factors, such as a standard SIM, eSIM, and iSIM.


OmniSIM KATTCC provides USA connectivity.

Connectivity challenges overcome with OmniSIM

The benefits of eSIM for IoT are plentiful, but two key areas of benefit are global connectivity and ensuring future performance. Global connectivity is a fragmented ecosystem, making manufacturing or distributing global IoT solutions challenging. Especially those IoT solutions that travel, like those found in the assets and logistics industries that cross international borders.

For a single SIM provisioned to a single network, connectivity will drop once that network is no longer available. KORE OmniSIM provides IoT devices provisioning with multi-carrier technology. You can auto-provision or provision over the air to connect to available networks for seamless connectivity.

For IoT devices deployed in vast numbers or located in hard-to-access areas, the ability to ensure connectivity for the lifetime of a device can be a game-changer. Our IoT solution will streamline logistics and keep costs down.

IoT devices deployed for a long time will be protected from network changes that come with sunsets or service eliminations and prevent carrier lock-in. Devices can stay deployed in the IoT ecosystem with the option to switch carriers at any time for any reason.

Reduce costs by not transporting and replacing SIMs, which could be thousands of devices for an extensive IoT infrastructure. Devices deployed underground or in other difficult-to-access areas become a greater and potentially more costly task to replace a SIM.

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