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Below is documentation to help you understand and use KORE's various IoT offerings.

Twilio IoT Acquisition

Documentation for Super SIM, Programmable Wireless, and Microvisor is currently being migrated to this new KORE documentation portal. In the meantime, please continue to refer to the Twilio IoT docs to learn about the products, guides, and API references.

For details about changes you need to make to your applications as part of the migration from Twilio to KORE, see our migration guides.

If you need technical support, please review IoT Customer Support Migration to KORE for details.


Helps you build devices, connect devices to wireless networks, and integrate device data to the cloud.

Our main Connectivity Management Portal. Manage all your connectivity through a single interface.

Our main global eSIM offering. Manage global deployments with a single multi-IMSI SIM and local downloadable profiles as needed

Our managed cloud integration service. Connect your IoT devices easily and securely to the cloud.

Our LoRaWAN network management platform. Manage your public and private LoRaWAN deployments, and orchestrate, monitor and troubleshoot your data flows.

Our Intelligent network monitoring tool provides the diagnostic and troubleshooting tool to monitor and secure the network traffic of their connections on a device level.

Our digital-first global IoT SIM. Manage global deployments with a single multi-IMSI SIM and use our highly available APIs for maximum operational efficiency.

IoT Managed Services

Offers end-to-end services for your IoT projects, from inventory management, staging & kitting, and device & network management to complete forward and reverse logistics.

Our end-to-end professional logistics service, gets your devices assembled, delivered, connected, and supported.

Our easy button for managed services – providing an integrated view into connectivity, orders, inventory and device management.

Pre-Configured Solutions

Bundles global network coverage and market-leading hardware into ready-to-go industry solutions with fully managed logistics.

Our solution to launch and scale connected health solutions - combining connectivity with integrated medical devices telemetry services and managed IoT services.

Our wireless data solution, enterprise grade hardware and managed services, including end-to-end support, staging and kitting, and optional installation services.

Our powerful GPS tracking platform is compatible with any GPS tracking device anywhere in the world.


Lets you manage your IAM and billing resources.

Manage your KORE account(s), user(s), and profile

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